Art. 1 – Eligibility

Premio Enrico Galletta will be held on July 30th- 31th 2021, between the Semifinals and the Final of Livorno Piano Competition. 

Young pianists of every nationality born from 2003 on  may apply. There is no lower age limit.

Contestants applying for Premio Enrico Galletta may also apply for Livorno Piano Competition.


Art. 2 – Application

Application must be forwarded by email at

In the “Application” section of this website it is possible to download the form and check all the required documents.

Application deadline will be June 30th , 2021.

There will be no pre-selection upon video; the artistic Direction reserves to make a selection based upon the Curriculum Vitae, should the number of application exceed the time allowed by the competition schedule.

In case of non acceptance or in the unwanted case of cancellation of the competition the fee will be refunded.


Art. 3- Program

The program, one single round, will be of free contestant’s choice; the duration must be not less than 13 minutes and not more than 18.

n.b. Single Sonata or Suite movements are accepted. The choice of the program is free and performance from memory is not mandatory. All the performed pieces must be published and easy version of original pieces are not allowed.

Contestants will provide a copy of the score for the Jury.

Art. 4 – Prizes

1° PRIZE Premio Enrico Galletta

euro 700, first prize diploma, plate



euro 350, second prize diploma



euro 200, third prize diploma


– Special Prize “Young Talent”, 200 euros. The jury may assign this prize to the best contestant under 14 years old, should the level be considered adequate.

Should it be possible to feature a gala concert with audience, the First prize winner will be asked to perform, on pain of loss of the prize.

Prizes will be awarded according to the final ranking based upon a mark given by the jury; i.e. should the first two contestants report a score of 97 and 96 respectively, they would receive a First and a Second prize.

First prize cannot be awarded ex-aequo. In case of tie the gury will vote again in order to assign it.

Other Special prizes consisting in money, concerts and scholarships may be awarded.

The Jury reserves the right not to award prizes in absence of the required level.