3000 Euros, First prize Diploma ,  plate  and concerts:

A recital in Livorno  provided by Livornoclassica, during “Classica con Gusto” concert serie 2019-2020 in Fondazione Goldoni

A recital in Milano for “la Società dei Concerti”  on  May, 11  2020 in Auditorium “Gaber”

A recital at  Fondazione Piaggio in Pontedera

nb For the prize concerts an attendance token for the expenses will be provided to the winner

Prize “ARTE”

A painting by a professional artist, to be awarded to the winner of the Competition 



1500 Euros, Second prize Diploma,   plate



1000 Euros, Third prize Diploma , plate


PRIZE ‘900,    in memory of Antonio Bacchelli

euro 500, awarded by the Jury  to the semifinalist who will give the best performance of a work composed from 1900


PRIZE Young Jury  

euro 250   awarded to a finalist voted by a Jury of students


AUDIENCE PRIZE   To a finalist voted by the audience


Other Special prizes consisting of money, concerts and other opportunities  will be awarded. Soon all the details will be announced.

All finalists will  receive a Finalist Diploma.

All  will be given a semifinalist certificate.

The Jury reserves the right not to award prizes in case of not adequate level .  It may also decide to award ex – aequo prizes except for the First, which can be awarded only to one contestant.

nb Cash  prizes are gross and will be subject to tax.



Premio “Enrico Galletta”


For each  category the judgement will be in hundreds.


The following diplomas will be awarded:

from 95 to 100  First prize Diploma

from 90 to 94   Second prize Diploma

from 85 to 89   Third prize Diploma

from 80 to 84   Fourth prize Diploma

All the other contestants  will receive  a participation certificate 

The contestant who will receive the highest score – in any case not below 95/100 – in each category will be the Winner of the Category. The following prizes will be awarded:


Young LPC –  baby     Absolute First prize

Diploma, a cup,  100 Euros

Young LPC – Junior   Absolute First prize

Diploma, a cup,  120 Euros

Young LPC – young talents Absolute First prize

Diploma, a cup,  150 Euros

Young LPC – Premio Galletta cat. A     Absolute First prize

Diploma, a plate,  200 Euros

Young LPC – Premio Galletta cat. B     Absolute First prize

Diploma, a plate, 250 Euros

Young LPC – Premio Galletta cat. C    Absolute First prize

Diploma, a plate, 300 Euros


The contestant who will receive the highest score between the participants to “Premio Galletta” will be the  Absolute Winner of YOUNG LIVORNO PIANO COMPETITION  and “Premio Enrico Galletta”

The winner will get:

Diploma, plate, 500 euros prize ( in addition to the prize awarded as category winner).

This prize cannot be awarded ex-aequo. In case two or more candidates get the same score, the Jury will vote to determine the winner.

The jury can award special prize concerts and other opportunities to contestants.

n.b. Money prizes will be awarded gross of the withholding tax.