Art. 1 – Eligibility

Livorno Piano Competition will take place from July 26th to 31th, 2021.

Eligible to participate are pianists of every nationality born from 1988 on; there is no lower age limit.

Contestants are allowed to register also for  Premio Enrico Galletta.


Art. 2 – Application

Application must be forwarded by email at

In the “Application” section of this website it is possible to download the form and check all the required documents.

Application deadline will be June 30th , 2021 at h. 12 p.m.

The application fee is 100 euros. Contestants who will apply also to Livorno Piano Competition will have a special fee ( see the Application section)

 The artistic Direction reserves to make a selection based upon the Curriculum Vitae, should the number of application exceed the time allowed by the competition schedule. There will be no pre-selection upon video.

In case of non acceptance or in the unwanted case of cancellation of the competition the fee will be refunded.


Art. 3 – Program

Livorno Piano Competition consists of three rounds:


Preliminary Round, maximum 15 minutes: free contestant’s choice.


Semifinal Round, from 35 to 45 minutes: free contestant’s choice, including at least one composition published from 1900 to contemporary repertoire .


Final Round, from 20 to 30 minutes: free contestant’s choice, including at least one piece chosen among the compositions by Mendelssohn, Chopin, Liszt, Schumann, Brahms, Alkan.


All performed pieces must be published and performance from memory is not required. The same piece cannot be performed in different rounds.

Single movements of sonatas will not be accepted, as well as single parts of compositions usually performed as a whole in common performance practice. In case of doubt aspiring contestants are invited to contact the artistic Direction for clarification.

A copy of the score for the jury must be provided before the audition.


Art. 4 – Selection and voting system

A maximum number of 10 contestants will be admitted to the Semifinal and a maximum of 4 will get to the Final.

After first and second round the selection will be made according to the number of YES achieved by each contestant. In case of tie the jury will vote again in order to determine which contestants will get to the following round.

After the Finals the decision will be made upon a system based upon marks.

In the final judge the Jury will keep into consideration all three rounds.

After the end of the Competition the choices made by each juror will be displayed on Livorno Piano Competition’s website.


Art. 5 – Prizes


– 4000*euros, first prize diploma, plate :

Prize 2R Studio Produzioni Multimediali and YAHAMA Music Europe -Italy The prize will consist of CD recording by 2R Produzioni Multimediali in Yamaha Studios in Milano; the recording will be distributed on the most important platforms on the web.

– recital in Livorno in “Classica con Gusto” concert serie 2021-2022 in Teatro Goldoni.

– recital ** at Fondazione Piaggio in Pontedera, at Amici della Musica in Trapani ( Sicily), Sociatà dei Concerti in Milano. The schedule may be conditioned by the Covid situation.

Prize “ARTE”, in collaboration with Athena Art Gallery.   The Artist who will  offer his work of Art is Massimo Lomi

*3500 euros will be payed within 40 days after the Competition; 500 will be given during the following season as reimbursement of expenses for the prizewinner recital in Livorno.

** For the recitals agreements will be made between the winner and the Institution which offers the concert. The schedule may be influenced by restrictions due to COVID emergency.



1500 euros, second prize diploma



1000 euros, third prize diploma



PRIZE  Antonio Bacchelli

euro 500, awarded by the jury for the best performance of repertoire from XX or XXI century. The jury will announce the winner of this prize at the end of Semifinal round.


PRIZE ‘800

euro 250 awarded by the jury, between the Finalists, for the best performance of music by Mendelssohn, Chopin, Liszt, Alkan, Schumann, Brahms, or Franck considering the whole competition program.


Finalists who will not receive prizes will be awarded a Finalist diploma.

Semifinalist will receive a Semifinalist diploma.

Other Special prizes consisting in money, concerts and scholarships may be awarded.

The Jury reserves the right not to award prizes in absence of the required level . It may also decide to award ex – aequo prizes except for the First, which can be awarded only to one contestant.

n.b.Money prizes will be awarded gross of the withholding tax.